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Sarasota Mexican Tile Renew Projects With Rubber Padding From Under a Area Rug Stuck to Face of the Mexican Tile Floor.

Sarasota Mexican Tile Renew Projects With Rubber Padding Stuck to Tile Floor. Mexican Tile Renew project worst case scenario is rubber pad from under an area rug stuck to the face of the Mexican tile, we can fix it.

A simple sanding will take care of the problem seen above using a small oscillating sander with a vacuum bag, dust free. Oscillating sanders are easy to control, you can use them to round edges, sand inside corners as well as smooth a flat or rough surface.

Thomas J. St Pete, FL 1/25/2020 said: Had a big problem with old Mexican tile in a house built in the 1950’s in St Pete Fl that just would not clean up whatever we did, also had rubber pad stuck to face of the Mexican tile from several area rugs. Planned on having it all ripped out and replaced, it was so bad, but the cost for 1,600 sq feet at $15 sf would have been almost $24,000 and a big mess. 

I got a hold of Mexican Tile Renew in Sarasota, they came out and gave me a very fair price to strip clean and reseal all the old Mexican tile, I was amazed at how they got it all done in one day and the floors now look beautiful.

Julia S. Sarasota, FL 2/4/2021 said: I wanted to thank Mexican Tile Renew for the great job they have done inside the property. The owner of the company, Bill, stayed on the job for the entire duration — five + hours and worked side by side with his helpers. The result was — magnificent cleaned up old, damaged tiles inside of the house and removed rubber padding stuck to the face of the Mexican tile under a big oriental rug.

‘Mexican Tile Renew’ (941) 926-7444., Sarasota, FL 34233 We have been in the Mexican Tile Refinishing business for over 28 years in Sarasota Fl, Better Call “Vel” at 941-926-7444. Mexican Tile Renew has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
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Mexican Tile Renew For Over 29 Years Has A+ Better Business Bureau Rating Sarasota Fl Call 941-926-7444.

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