Saturday, September 5, 2020

Do Not Use Vinegar or Fabuloso or any Products that Contains Acid To Clean Your Mexican Tile Floors, Ever.

Do Not Use Vinegar or Fabuloso or any Products that Contains Acid To Clean Your Mexican Tile Floors, Ever. DO NOT USE FABULSO TO CLEAN MEXICAN TILE FLOORS IT WILL RUIN THE FINISH AND PIT THE FACE OF THE TILE (make a hollow or indentation in the surface of the Mexican tile).

White vinegar is a very versatile cleaning agent. It contains acetic acid that will dissolve calcium build-up in dishwashers, coffee pots, kettles, and will dissolve the applied finish on your Mexican Tile floor, with disastrous results. 

Fabuloso cleaning products contains sulfuric acid and ether with high concerns for your health and will ruin and dissolve the finish on your Mexican Tile floor.

FABULOSO INGREDIENTS will ruin finish on Mexican tile:
1). PROPYLENE GLYCOL PROPYL ETHER (dissolves sealer on Mexican tile)
2). BENZENESULFONIC ACID (pits face of Mexican tile)
3). SULFURIC ACID (pits face of tile dissolves sealer on Mexican Tile)
4). SODIUM BENZENESULFONATE (acute aquatic toxicity)

Concerns from [ETHYLENE OXIDE] in Fabuloso: Some Concern: cancer, developmental/endocrine/reproductive effects, damage to DNA, respiratory effects, nervous system effects, skin irritation/allergies/damage, damage to vision, general systemic/organ effects. See F ratings on this product at

You only need to use mild soap and water to clean your Mexican Tile Floors once they are striped, cleaned and resealed to a beautiful finish. Most Mexican tile renew projects are a one day endeavor. We can not be responsible for moving furniture or expensive artifacts, we do not vacuum any carpets of area rugs, this is the home owners responsibility. Our one and only job is to refinish your Mexican tile floor to a like new appearance. It aids in getting the project completed in a timely manner if furniture is removed from the work area and the A/C is kept at 70 degrees during the process to facilitate the drying of the tiles and the different costs of sealer. We Make Like New Your Saltillo Tile Floors, The Good, The Bad and Just Plain Ugly Ones.

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