Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Seal Mexican-Saltillo Tile | Clean Mexican-Saltillo Tile at Mexican Tile Renew Sarasota Fl 941-926-7444

Seal Mexican-Saltillo Tile | Clean Mexican-Saltillo Tile l Mexican Tile Renew Sarasota Fl taking care of business for over 24 years.
  REVIEW Luda S. Sarasota, FL 2/4/2016:

"I wanted to thank Mexican Tile Renew for the great job they have done (inside and outside) the property. The owner of the company stayed on the job for the entire duration — five + hours and worked side by side with his helpers. The result was — magnificent cleaned up old, damaged tiles inside of the house. They also cleaned and renewed the outside pool deck. It looked great until the pool company came and ruined all that great work."

"The owner was gracious and came back to review the damage done by negligent pool company and fixed the problem by stripping and sealing the space again. I was on a deadline to finish the job and I cannot thank them enough. It’s a good idea to consult with them and see if you need to clean or prepare your space (floor) prior to their arrival. The sealer was clear and was dry within few hours. Thank you so much, Mexican Tile Renew. Really, really appreciated it your hard work and advice."
Sarasota"Mexican Tile Renew" Refinishes Floors Indoors or Outdoors Made to Look Like New Again. Recent Mexican Tile Renew Project In Sarasota Fl Floors Returned to Like-New Look, Mexican Tile Renew On Angie’s List.

Best Prices on Mexican ‘Saltillo’ Tile Cleaning in Florida. We have completed over 2,500 Tile renovation projects. A+ Rating with BBB Clearwater Fl.
Mexican Tile Renew For Over 24 Years serving South West Florida call 941-926-7444.

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